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PLEASE NOTE: From 17.12.2018 until 6.1.2019 we are closed due to company holidays !


Easy 5 step booking procedure

  1. You send an inquiry through this online form. Generally we reply within 1 to 2 working days. Please add our e-mail address as safe sender and also urgently look into your e-mail spam folder.
  2. Please urgently note, that our office is closed from Friday noon until Monday and an inquiry at short notice can't be answered through this form. >>> For an inquiry at short notice for the applicable weekend you can reach us by phone 0049 179 5067325 (Friday and Saturday until 20:00 h and Sunday until 15:00 h).

  3. We check for availability of your requested time slot and send you an offer.
  4. You can check the offer and complete/submit additional information if applicable. We will be looking forward to your booking.
  5. We will send you a rental agreement - including payment details - which you please sign and return by e-mail, facimile or by post.
  6. Once we receive your punctual payment your tour is firmly booked and the experience can begin.

1. Rental time
Please remember to coordinate the desired date and time with all participants of your BigBike tour.
Sorry that this is in German... Tag = day, Monat = month, Jahr = year
You can rent BigBike tours from Sunday to Thursday between 9:00 and 22:00 h. Friday, Saturday and public holidays, as well as the day before a public holiday, you can rent BigBike tours between 8.00 und 24:00 h (midnight).
2. Number of participants
Please note: One BigBike needs a minimum of 6 passengers and can accommodate a maximum of 16 passengers. The driver-guide will be provided by us and does not have to be added separately.
3. Beverages
Drinks have to be ordered from BigBike.
Alcohol-free beer
German beer
Please note, the amount of beer is limited to 20 litres per 2hours standard tour for a BigBike occupied by 9-16 passengers!
Soft drinks
bottles 1 litre
bottles 1 litre
bottles 1 litre
bottles 1 litre
Additional beverages
bottles 0,75 litre
bottles 0,75 litre
4. Differing delivery and/or collection
Please note: A delivery and/or collection of the BigBike to a different starting and/or from a different finishing point (other than our BigBike rental depot) are principally possible. Within the city of Berlin, for a delivery or a collection we charge 95,00 Euro per transport per BigBike each. Delivery and collection alltogether 190,00 Euro. However we don’t do transports on a Saturday. Delivery and collection outside of Berlin on request.
5. Personal data
Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.
Please supply us with your (mobile) number where you can be reached on the day of your tour.
6. Questions, remarks or other
Further wishes can be noted here. Please note that according to recent Berlin legislation certain roads are closed at certain times for the use by BigBikes. The least restrictions are on Saturday and Sunday, and in the week from Monday to Friday from 10:00-14:00 h. During these times, tours in the historical center of Berlin can take place without significant restrictions.
7. From where do you know us?
Please tell us, how did you find out about BigBike Berlin?
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