The cost of a BigBike Tour is made up of

BigBike rent

BigBike rent

Find out about the prices for renting a big bike including driver.

From experience we recommend you to book the 2 hours tour. That's usually the best length of time for a relaxed and not too strenuous tour.

You can also rent multiple bikes for larger groups at the same time


Drinks costs

Our wide selection of chilled drinks turns every tour into an unforgettable experience.

You can decide on your own drinks supply.

The person responsible for serving the drinks is a member of your group. After you’ve selected them, they will be shown how it works.

More options

Tour guides & alternative start / end point

Do you want a professional tour guide who will supply you with additional information or speak in another language (not german or english)?

The tour can also be taken from an alternative starting point, e.g. start or end at your hotel.

Bigbike rent

1 hour 2 hour
3 hour
Monday to
170 € 240 € 330 €
Friday and
190 € 280 € 390 €
Saturday, holidays
& the day before holidays
200 € 300 € 420 €

Allways inclusive:

Motivated driver

Sound system for your music

Take up to 16 people

Storage space for your belongings

Basic information about sights


All participants have to start the tour sober (the limit is 0,02 % Blood Alcohol Content). no exceptions will be made. You agree that random alcohol tests are conducted with the participants.

draft beer - 10, 20, 30 liter - also non-alcoholic! 4,90 € per liter
Water, Coca Cola, Fanta, Sprite - 1 l bottle 2,80 € per bottle
Cidre 7,50 € per bottle
Sparkling wine - 0,7 l bottle 12,00 € per bottle
Mulled wine 6,50 € per liter
Booking request

Professional tourist guides or guides in different languages

We provide German and English speaking driver-guides only, but not a qualified / trained tourist guide. You can book a professional tourist guide or a guide for another language (other than German or English) at a surcharge. Please enquire for pricing details.

Transport of the BigBikes to a different starting and/or finishing point

Usually the tours start and end at the BigBike rental depot: Entrance from Lützowufer 13, 10785 Berlin-Tiergarten. A delivery and/or collection of the BigBike to a different starting and/or from a different finishing point (other than our BigBike rental depot) are possible. Within the city of Berlin, for a delivery or a collection we charge 95,00 Euro per transport per BigBike each. Delivery and collection combined: 190,00 Euro. However we don’t do transports on a Saturday.

For transports (delivery and/or collection) we charge:

within the city of Berlin 95 € for a one-way transport (delivery OR collection) (that is 190 € for delivery AND collection)
outside of Berlin For short term bookings, especially weekends or public holidays, transports might not be possible.
Booking request